Steeda HARDCORE Drag Pack™

Current World Record Holder for a S550 NA Mustang: 10.25 @ 134.16mph

For those who live life 10 Seconds at a time

"Whether your starting line uses a Christmas Tree or just a guy with a flashlight - the Steeda HARDCORE DragPack Mustang is built to dominate wherever hot cars gather to – ahem – exorcise their Demons. When it’s time to drop the hammer on your next 10-second pass* - check out the Q-Series HARDCORE DragPack. Everything you need except your NHRA Competition License."

— Scott Boda, Steeda Director of Engineering & Manufacturing and Record Setting Drag Racer


No compromises. No shortcuts. No tradeoffs. Just 9 Seconds* of Awesomeness!

They say you should have balance in your life. That you should know when to compromise. To trade off. To split the difference. …So they say. To that, our Steeda engineers just sneer. You see, when it came to build a no-holds-barred, win-or-go-home, 2nd-place-is-still-1st-loser, showroom-ready 9-second* Mustang - they went all-in.

Our Steeda engineers are equal parts mechanical geniuses and weekend hot shoes – equally at home in sterile dyno labs or gritty dragstrip pits. They know winning isn’t just about having the most horsepower. It’s about getting it to the pavement – launching – keeping it straight - and stopping at the other end. 

To that end they’ve designed a thoroughly sorted out, balanced package that’s ready to drive to the track right off the showroom floor - and run in the 9’s.  Available as a naturally aspirated or  supercharged models, the Steeda Q-Series HARDCORE DragPack puts out up to 840 HP and 750 lbs-ft of torque*. It includes roll cage, racing harness, driveshaft loop, drag radials, and of course all the performance, suspension and braking mods we’re famous for.

The Steeda HARDCORE DragPack– it delivers on our uncompromising promise that Speed Matters-  lots and lots of speed.   Drive it to the track.  Run in the 9’s*.…and drive it home with your trophy...


Steeda Q-Series HARDCORE DragPack 

Contact us for Special Racer Pricing  (+ base Ford vehicle)

Powertrain Upgrades:  

  • ARH Headers and X 1 7/8”

  • Steeda Billet Oil Separator

  • Steeda Ford Performance Severe Duty IRS Half-Shaft Upgrade

  • Driveshaft Safety Loop

  • Steeda Black Aluminum Coolant Tank

  • Steeda Heavy Duty Engine Mounts

Exterior Upgrades

  • Steeda Exterior Graphic and Badge Package

  • Steeda Windshield Banner

  • Steeda Sidewinder Stripes

  • Steeda Aerodynamic Front Facia Enhancement Package

  • Steeda Hood Strut Kit 555-0687

  • Steeda Rear Decklid Emblem

  • Steeda Engine Bay Serialization Emblem

G-Trac Suspension / Chassis Upgrades

  • Steeda Front S550 Adj. Coil Over Kit No Springs

  • Coilover Spring 12" long 1251b Ultra High Travel

  • Steeda S550 Mustang Drag Front K-Member

  • Adjustable S550 Pro-Action Shocks Pair

  • Steeda S550 Rear Drag Spring Kit 

  • Billet Rear Shock Mount 12MM S550 Mustang

  • Steeda Mustang Ultimate IRS Stop Hop Pk

  • Steeda Billet Rear Camber Arm Mustang Rear Control Arm Spherical Bearing Mustang

  • Steeda Drag Rear Sway Bar Mustang

  • Steeda Drag Rear SwaybarAdj. Urethane Diff. Mount Bushing Insert System 

  • Steeda S550 Mustang THRU Threaded Diff. BoltsSteeda Chassis Jacking Rails

  • Steeda Chassis Tie Downs

    Wheels and Tires

  • Velgen VMB9 Wheels - black (20” x 9” front, 20” x 10.5” rear) with Nitto NT555 G2 performance tires, TPMS, and nitrogen tire fill

Optional Equipment

  • Optional Powertrain Upgrades:

    • Race Prepared Short Block

    • ARH Long Tube Headers 1 7/8 X3 3" X-pipe w Cats

    • Rear End Gear Ratio Upgrade (3:73 or 4:11)

    • QA1 Mustang GT SFI CF Driveshaft 

    • Whipple 10-Rib Belt Upgrade

    • Torsen Differential

    • Ford Performance T2R Mustang GT Upgraded Radiator

  • Optional Suspension / Chassis Upgrades

    • Willwood Race Front Brake Upgrade Light Weight Titanium front brakes

    • Baer Lightweight Drag 4-Piston Front Brake System

  • Optional Interior Upgrades

    • Leather and Alcantara Steering Wheel with color coordinated leather stripe at 12:00 position

    • Steeda Four-Point Roll Bar with Rear Seat Delete

    • Safecraft 6-Point Seat Belts (Driver and Passenger) - RECOMMENDED

    • Steeda Six-Point Roll Bar with rear Seat Delete - RECOMMENDED

    • Steeda Q-Series Signature Satin Blackout Painted Hood Treatment (Design Patented)

  • Optional Wheel / Tire Upgrades: 

    • Weld Drag Wheels S71 Street & Strip 18” Front - 17” Rear

    • Mickey Thompson Drag Tires for above wheels


* Denotes figures for HARDCORE Drag Pack supercharged model.  Performance of naturally aspirated model is 10.25 seconds at 134.16 MPH (current world record for a 2018 model naturally aspirated Mustang).

** Inquire about other additional options - Custom Content Packages are Available to suite your specific needs.

*** Steeda HARDCORE Drag Pack Mustang is not covered by our warranty program

The Steeda Q-Series line of performance Mustangs offers something for everyone - the result of over 30+ years of uninterrupted Mustang performance engineering by Steeda Autosports. They are individually crafted with performance parts built in the USA under strict ISO 9001-2008 Certified Standards and are available with a wide variety of special performance options to suit your specific needs.

- Steeda reserves the right to adjust, alter and modify it's package content & pricing due to manufacturing shortages or other factors beyond our control. 

* Denotes that all horsepower & torque ratings are estimates based on engineering prototypes and laboratory tests using a minimum of  91 octane Premium Fuel.  Actual figures may vary.l