Ordering a Limited Edition Steeda Performance Vehicle is an easy and personalized process.   Following are the steps that should be followed to turn your automotive dreams into reality:  


1). Choose Your Vehicle

At Steeda, we offer the most comprehensive line of exclusive Ford performance cars and trucks — all built under the most exacting conditions by professional technicians who share a common passion for performance.   Simply choose the model you are most interested in on our website and rest assured that we can build the vehicle of your dreams.     

2). Choose Your Desired Options and Features

Simply contact us and we will forward you a vehicle specific order form where you can easily indicate your vehicle specific performance preferences, and in an effort to further personalize your build, you may also list additional options you desire.  That way you will be assured that your new Steeda Performance Vehicle is designed, and manufactured to your exact specifications.  During this ordering process and to assist you with your selections/option criteria and to answer any questions that you may have, please contact one of our Steeda Vehicle Concierges for personalized assistance.   You may contact them by calling 754-800-4165 or by emailing sales@steedavehicles.com and you will receive a prompt response.   Our Performance Specialists are here to help you and to make your vehicle purchase a memorable one.

3). Submit Your Order

Once you have worked out all the details and determined the exact model, features and options for your new Steeda Performance Vehicle, submit your order to us and we process your order and contact you directly on the date and time you stipulate.  For the donor chassis, we can work directly with the Ford dealer of your choice, or have you work directly with one of our preferred Steeda Certified Dealers ensuring a most rewarding purchase experience.  At this time, a deposit will be required to secure your production sequence order.

4). Your Vehicle is Scheduled for Production

Within 10 days following your order submission, your order will be assigned a unique Steeda Vehicle Serialization Number. This will indicate that we have worked with the ordering chassis dealer and your production sequence has been scheduled at one of our factories.  In addition, our Financial Department will contact you to update and ensure your billing and payment details are on pace with the production of your new Steeda vehicle.

5). Production

As the manufacturer, Steeda applies current manufacturing and production standards to every Steeda Serialized Vehicle we produce.   Our Steeda performance parts and accessories are manufactured by us under strict ISO 9001:2008 Certified Standards and are strategically designed and engineered to be a cohesive performance package where all of the components work in harmony together in the achievement of maximum performance.  Everything, including the base chassis, is a calculated component of your new Steeda vehicle. Although each vehicle starts with an order, the production process is where it all comes together.  Typically, your vehicle will be completed with production within three to four weeks following receipt of the donor chassis from Ford Motor Company and all other component parts needed.

6). Personalized Delivery

As your Steeda vehicle completes the production process we will contact you regarding delivery. Depending on your preferences and availability we offer delivery to conclude at a location of your choosing whether it be your home, a Certified Steeda Dealership, or a Ford dealership of your choosing.   In addition, you have the opportunity to select factory pickup at one of our three (3) Steeda facilities in the USA - Pompano Beach Florida, Valdosta Georgia, or Detroit Michigan.  Here you will be able to meet the team, tour the facility and work with your Steeda Specialist to answer any questions about your new Steeda Performance Vehicle.


As a new Steeda client, our relationship does not end with delivery of the vehicle. Owners of Steeda vehicles have a product and brand loyalty that continues to thrive through shows and events throughout the country.  You are now part of the rich Steeda heritage, a heritage that dates back over 30 years of automotive passion, design and engineering innovation and enthusiasm for optimal vehicle performance, products and lifestyle.

Steeda - Speed Matters