2017 Steeda F150 PreRunner™ Edition


Meet The Toughest F150

The Steeda F-150 PreRunner™ Edition:  for when the road ends and the adventures begin.    

They say “luck is when preparation meets opportunity”.  Well, count us pretty lucky then. Because, the Ford F-150 offers plenty of opportunity. And boy, were the hot shoes and gearheads at Steeda prepared! You see, we designed it with one goal in mind – to be the toughest F-150 money could buy – anywhere – any place - bar none.

We told our engineers to drop the word compromise from their vocabularies. Leave their table manners at home. Drop the gloves. And do what they do best!  THEY DID.  They designed a truck built for serious, totally outrageous, over-the- top, off-roading adventures. Yet that still has the civilized road manners of a proverbial British butler. Yeah, you could say they got carried away a little. The 7” lift and 35” tires (37” optional) sort of give it away. And the engine mods don’t exactly make this beast a sleeper. We can bump the 3.5L EcoBoost 75 hp; add 55 hp to 5.0L V8; or unleash a Whipple supercharged 5.0L that puts out a total of 750hp. That option boasts 95 lb./hour fuel injectors and a huge 132mm throttle body.  YOUR CALL.

And it’s built to the highest quality standards including the rigorous ISO Certication. That’s why we can stand behind it with a 3 year/36,000 mile limited warranty.   So, whether your idea of a relaxing day off is pulling out stumps …...or charging over them, there’s a Steeda F-150 PreRunner™ Edition with your name on it.



2017 Steeda F150 PreRunner™ Edition - The Ultimate F150

MSRP from $29,995 (+ base Ford vehicle)

 Our engineers gured out the secret to making trucks powerful, rugged, and just all-around awesome a long time ago. It’s equal parts horsepower, torque, and testosterone.


   - Steeda Stage I Powertrain Enhancements   (450hp - 575lb.ft. torque on  3.5L EcoBoost versions -or-  410hp - 417lb.ft. torque on  5.0L V8 versions)  consisting of:

           - High Performance Cold-air Intake

           - High-Flow Performance Exhaust System

           - Performance Powertrain Calibrations

   - Steeda PreRunner Exterior Modifications (Hood Scoop, Fender Flairs, and Steeda Graphic Package)

   - 7” ReadyLift Lift Kit (Turning Radius and EPAS Performance Unaffected)

   - Nitto Trail Grappler LT305 / 55 R20 Tires (37” Optional) on 20” High Strength Aluminum Rims

   - Aggressive Wheel Flairs and Hood Scoop

   - Rigid Industries Ultra High Performance LED Off-road Lights (front and rear)

   - Addictive Desert Designs High Strength Powder-coated Tubular Steel Front Bumper with Integrated Skid Plate 

   - Addictive Desert Designs High Strength Powder-coated Tubular Steel Rear Bumper with integrated LED Back-up Lights



Available Steeda F150 PreRunner™ Edition Options

Steeda 5.0L Whipple Supercharger Upgrade (700hp - 590 lb.ft.torque) available on only 5.0L V8 Equipped trucks featuring 50-state Emissions Legal and Industry Leading Performance and Durability:

 - Whipple 2.9L High Output Intercooler Supercharger Assembly

 - 132mm Billet Elliptical Throttle Body Assembly 2000 CFM

 - High Flow Intake System

 - High Output Air-to-Water Intercooler Kit

 - Dynamometer Horsepower and Torque Validation

 - Steeda Extreme Duty 1-Piece Aluminum Performance Driveshaft

 - Steeda High Performance PCM Calibration (engine and transmission)


Steeda-Whipple Extreme Heat Supercharger Cooling Option - available on supercharged 5.0L V8 trucks only

 - Upgraded Heat Exchanger

 - Dual High Velocity Cooling Fans


Steeda Lightweight Composite Tonneau Upgrade - one-piece; custom painted to match vehicle body color (Note: Not compatible with Steeda tailgate aerodynamic extension - this product includes it's own built-in spoiler)


37" Tire and Gear Ratio Upgrade - Includes 39" series Nitto Trail Grappler tires with upgraded wheels and 4:56 front and rear axle ratio upgrade


Rear Hydraulic Axle Bump Stop


Warn ZEON 10 Platinum Winch with: 100' Spydura Synthetic Rope, Wireless Remote Control



Inquire about other additional options - Custom Content Packages are available to suite your specific needs.                                                                                         

The Steeda F150 PreRunner™ Edition line of performance trucks offers something for everyone - the result of over 28+ years of uninterrupted performance engineering by Steeda Autosports.   All Steeda F-150 PreRunner™ Editions are covered by a 3-year/36,000-mile limited warranty.   All Steeda-manufactured performance parts are made under strict ISO 9001:2008 Certied Standards

 For Steeda Authorized Dealer and vehicle purchase information, please  email: vehicles@steeda.com, or call 1-954-633-5240.   Your personalized Performance Vehicle Concierge will work with you and answer all of your questions to provide personalized service that will make your buying experience a memorable one.

- Steeda reserves the right to adjust, alter and modify it's package content & pricing due to manufacturing shortages or other factors beyond our control. 

* Denotes that all horsepower & torque ratings are estimated and are based on 91 octane Premium Fuel