Steeda Special Service F150 (Rescue, Military, or Humanitarian Applications)

We can custom build any series of the Ford F150 to your exact requirements – no matter what the specific application or need might be.   From Fire/Rescue, Beach/Sand Patrol, Military Mission needs, to Life Saving/Humanitarian vehicle application needs, we can work with you and custom develop a specific vehicle that meets or exceeds your requirements.   No longer are you limited to the typical mass production solutions available in the marketplace today.  The Steeda Special Service F150 is a purpose-built, specially-built, and custom-built vehicle application solution. 

Available enhanced suspension systems provide increased load capacities and/or additional ground clearance, additional powertrain options provide the additional power you may need, and specialty up-fit parts and accessories can customize the vehicle platform to meet and exceed your vehicle application needs.   Our team will work diligently with your procurement department to ensure a cost-effective and viable Steeda Special Service F150 design solution that meets your needs.