Undercover Interceptors (Mustang, F150, Fusion, Focus ST)

Our unmarked / detective series of vehicles provides the stealth-like appearance required for discrete patrol or special surveillance conditions where a very low visibility profile is required.  When you need to engage in a pursuit or respond to an emergency, our enhanced powertrain and suspension systems will provide the added performance and agility for unrelenting pursuit.  With upgraded handling and precise control, the driver remains in total control during even the most aggressive maneuvers to arrive at the emergency scene quicker or maintain perpetrator surveillance under the most demanding conditions.   

The Steeda Undercover Interceptor has increased horsepower and torque beyond standard Ford vehicles to provide greatly enhanced acceleration.  Other mechanical modifications deliver vastly improved cornering abilities, and optimum braking improvements to handle the most demanding pursuit conditions and extreme situations.

The Steeda Undercover Interceptor is made in the USA specifically for police/undercover duty and can be custom built to any specification or bid specification/requirement.  Compatible with most commercially available police equipment options, the Steeda Undercover Interceptor can be custom configured for your specific needs.

All of our undercover vehicles are purposely void of any exterior Steeda badging or nomenclature – optimizing your undercover nature.  If you want to go heavy duty in the line of duty and maintain discreteness – the Steeda Undercover Interceptor is your best choice.  (Only available to authorized agencies).