A Steeda Performance Vehicle is truly a rare, one-of-a-kind vehicle that begs to be driven.  Each of our serialized vehicles are meticulously  and painstakingly created using the very best components available under the most strict quality control program in the industry.  With unmatched performance and handling characteristics, our vehicles are optimized in every detail.






Utilizing original source Ford CAD component data as a starting point, we leverage over 30 continuous years of Ford racing experience and our extensive knowledge-base to design, engineer, and manufacture each component with superlative quality.  Our ultimate goal is to enhance the base Ford vehicle's level of performance to the highest degree possible without compromising its integrity, durability, or NVH characteristics.




When we develop a Steeda vehicle, some of the key questions our engineers ask are, "How can we strategically improve its handling."  "Specifically what do we expect of the longitudinal and lateral dynamic behavior?"  "How can we achieve the proper balance of sportiness verses comfort?"    The answers to critical questions like these determine the fundamental set up of the vehicle we create for our performance-focused clients.





The scope of what we do far exceeds just those items, as we are constantly laser-focused on improving the vehicle's overall driving dynamics – on the road, racetrack and dragstrip.  The end result of this vehicle re-engineering is a high performance vehicle worthy of being called a Steeda.





Handcrafted with pride in the USA every Steeda vehicle undergoes an extensive array of quality and performance validations before they leave our facilities. 



In order for us to create a vehicle worthy of being officially certified as a Steeda, our designers and engineers get involved at the earliest possible development phase when the Ford Motor Company Product Development Team brings a new model to market.  Free from the compromises of mass production, we research and design custom components that meet the highest standards of perfection and performance. 



Our performance parts and accessories are built by true performance enthusiasts who are dedicated to the craft they love, not by a team of engineers and cost-conscious accountants forced to compromise due to budget limitations and mass marketing considerations that hamper product creativity.   Today, more races are won...more track records are set...and more championships are captured with vehicles using Steeda performance parts than any other brand.  More than Shelby, Roush, and Saleen combined!




Next, we get down to the finite details of answering the above questions and identifying the specific components that must be changed from the stock vehicle in order to achieve the mandated performance and vehicle dynamics that are part of every Steeda vehicle we manufacture.  This naturally applies to the suspension components (axles, driveshaft, brakes, and shocks, etc.), key powertrain components (transmission, engine, ECU, etc.) and lastly to the vehicle's body construction (increasing stiffness and improving aerodynamics). 


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